Thursday, February 8, 2018

15 Tricks Women Use To Steal Your Boyfriend

Some women just want to watch the world burn - to quote Michael Caine. While they don't want anything to do with your boyfriend, they can't see you living a fulfilled life either. At other times, they really do want to steal your boyfriend. Whatever their motives, the goal is to strip you of your boyfriend. So it's better to wise up to their tactics and set up defensive measures.

The crafty woman stares at him. And no, it's not just one glance of admiration which you can safely ignore. This woman stares at him, gives him all the wrong vibes. Men CRAVE after women who need them.

She treats him as her protector
This girl treats her as her knight in shining armour. For instance if he gets her a cup of coffee, she reacts as if he just saved the world from doomsday and begins to drool all over him.

She wishes him happy birthday

It's normal to wish him on his birthday. But this woman is somehow always one step ahead of you. Usually being the first respondent to greet him 'happy birthday'. If he values such sentiments, then she's onto something.

Has the same interests as him
It really isn't easy to find someone who shares the same interest, goals and passions as you. If you have been unable forge a deep connection with him, she might end doing just that. And if he realizes she's more compatible, it's game over.

Treats him like a prince
It's like a trip back to the medieval era. If she could feed him grapes and carry a fan to wave around him - she definitely would. If she makes him feel that way, try to do the same and steal her opportunity.

Seducing him with her body
There is love and then there is lust. There comes a time when lust reaches the level of love. This woman constantly tries to seduce your boyfriend with her 'hot bod'. And he notices. Eventually though, he will fall in 'love' with her.

Winning over his kids
If he has kids from a previous relationship, it is absolutely critical that you form a bond with them before she does. Because more than 90% of the time, the key to his heart are his children. Unlock it before she does.

She gossips to him about you
This is where she tries to feed him some nonsense about you. At this point you can only make a guess at what she's trying to tell him about you. Remember, gossip is the mother of all ills.

She tries to be better than you
She doesn't constantly pester or nag at him. She also makes note of certain points about you which annoy him and then tries to incorporate that into her grand scheme, by suppressing those same qualities if she has them.

She's romantic to him
Although she's not overtly flirting with him, the manner in which she dresses, the way she mouths her words, the gasps in her voice, all of these contribute to her trying to snatch him off you. This is rather easy to pick up and counter.

She spends time with him
This woman tries to spend as much time with him as possible. She even tries to sneak herself whenever the two of you are seen together. Always announcing her presence whenever you try watching a movie together or eating lunch.

Lets her money do the talking
If she has access to resources, she WILL make use of them. If she has a lot of money, there really isn't much you can do about it other than to argue with your boyfriend about the pointlessness of money in relationships.

She gives him what you can't
For instance, if you're unable to perform 'certain' actions for him which he clearly wants to, this woman is more than willing to fill in for you. At the cost of replacing you that is. Try to understand what he wants which you're not providing.

He begins to depend on her
Her strategies seem to be working. She is now making a dent into his life and he is unable to do without her. Soon he will replace you with her. If she has reached this stage, you should either call it off, or do better than her.

She ends up admitting her love to him
She admits her love to him and thus opens a whole can of worms. When a woman who has been grooming her target for months admits her love to him, it usually is game over. That's checkmate. You better have a good move up your sleeve.

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