Monday, February 19, 2018

10 Things that women want but would never tell their man

10 Things that a woman may not wish to say out loud but expects from her man and for very good reasons.

Women are better at expressing themselves than men but even they, sometimes, cannot convey certain things they expect their men to do or say, out loud. They do expect their partners to be attentive to these needs (which they should) but do not explicitly speak of these things. Obviously, not all of these apply to all women but these are the most common things which a woman wants from her man and wishes he would notice and figure it out himself.

#10 Be proud of me
Every woman wants her man to be proud of her. Women want their men to accept them as they are and that they appreciate the efforts that the woman is putting into the relationship. A woman may not say it out loud but she wants her man to feel proud of who she is as a person.

#9 Protect me
By protection, we do not mean physical or financial protection but emotional and spiritual protection. Women wish their partners to understand when they are down and help them get back on their feet. They expect their partners to be aware of the troubles brewing within them and to protect them if they fail to protect themselves.

#8 I deserve your attention
It applies to both the parties actually. If you are in a relationship, both of you depend on each other for mental and emotional well-being. There is no one else from whom you could expect attention other than your partners. And hence, it is important to make sure that you make each other a priority.

#7 Talk to me, communicate
Men have difficulty expressing themselves when compared to women. But communication is the key to any healthy relationship and a woman would expect her man to talk to her. She may not say it to your face but she would appreciate you to open up to her and express what you wish to say.

#6 Help me
Women, and also men for that matter, cannot do everything on their own. Be it a simple task as getting groceries or something as difficult as raising a child, it's always when the couple acts as a team that they succeed. So, she may need help from time to time from her partner but may not say it explicitly. This is where he needs to be attentive and help out the best he can.

#5 I may need a break
A woman may need some time for herself. She may wish to be isolated for a while to get her thoughts together. It does not mean that she is looking to break-up or has started hating her husband, it may simply mean that she wishes to recharge. She would not speak of it but if the man is attentive, he would understand the need and let her be. She'll be back stronger and happier once she has figured her thoughts out.

#4 Lead when I can't
A relationship is based on equality and most women are more than capable of taking care of their own needs. They are smart and independent and the traditional roles of the partner as a leader is no longer confined to men. So a woman would lead, she would take charge but she also needs her partner to know that she may not always be able to do so. And it is at this moment that he needs to step in and help out, just like she would do for him.

#3 I need intimacy
Yes, a woman would need intimacy. Physical, mental or emotional, intimacy does matter to her. She would do things to hint at her need for intimacy but would rarely speak about it directly. Her man, therefore, needs to understand this and look out for signals so that when she does need intimacy, she need not even speak of it.

#2 Be thoughtful
Being alert to someone else's need is very difficult but if you are in a relationship then you have to be alert to them, one way or the other. Think about what your partner needs, what they like, dislike and what motivates them. A woman does not make this need explicit but she is right if she expects her partner to be thoughtful. Doesn't he expect the same?

#1 Accept my imperfections
Everyone desires acceptance, mind, body, and soul. And so does a woman, especially from her companion. She knows that she is not perfect and that she may have flaws, but who doesn't? The most important thing for her is, and this she would never say, that her man accepts her imperfections and strengthen her than make her insecure by rejecting the same.

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