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13 Ways To Turn On Men And Make Him Go Crazy For You

Learning how to turn on men is one of the sexiest things a girl could ever do. Don’t you think it’s cute, sexy and hot at the same time? Even though we like to be satisfied by them, but nothing feels sweeter than knowing you know how to turn on men and make him want you. When you take him under control and know exactly how to drive his desire where you want, it’s an achievement for both of you.

Below we have 13 ways and tips for women out there to turn on men and make them go crazy for you!

1) Put on some sexy outfit

Maybe you can open up a button or two of your top or wear something a bit revealing. The shoulder is a sexy body part of a woman’s body so just a hint of your bra gets his mind thinking, his imagination going. Bonus if it’s a sexy looking bra strap.

2) Check your body language

We all know that body language is the most powerful way to connect with someone. It’s one such way that you can get closer to people without even being in physical contact with them. Make eye contact, playfully touch him while you are talking, and hold his hand while laughing.

3) Talk sexy

The best way to get a man aroused is by being vocal with what you want. Tell him what you like or what you want. It really turns them on.

4) Sexting can heat up things

Send your man naughty texts throughout the day. This anticipation can lead to a hot and steamy night.

5) Play footsie

Give him a soft rub on his ankle under the table when you’re out with him on a date. And when he gives you a look to figure out what you’re up to, not slowly but subtly.

6) Build his mood

Do things that he likes or put some flowers and scented candles in the bedroom. Prepare a hot water bath for him and giving him massage can build up his mood.

7) Touch yourself

Touching yourself in front of your man is a common fantasy for men, and it’s also a win-win, in that you get pleasured and he learns what arouses you. Do a strip tease for him.

8) Use toys

Use of toys will not only spice things up but also excite him. Be it a pair of handcuffs or some other toys! Dominate him in the bedroom, he’ll like it.

9) Tease him

Don’t just rush into s3x. That’s what he may think he wants, but if you take the time to slowly build him up, his release will be that much more pleasurable.

10) Know his fantasy and make that happen

When he sees you playing the part that he has been fantasizing, unsatisfied up to that point, he won’t be able to help himself.

11) Let him see you

If he’s behind you and there’s a mirror in front of you, he can enjoy the view of your backside while still seeing the pleasure on your face. This will turn him on.

12) Watch adult movies with him

Watching adult movies with him and doing what the girl in it is doing will set him on fire. He’ll feel the star of his own show and how can that not make him want more?

13) Be the wild stallion

Every now and then, break free like a wild stallion and return his favor more aggressively than him. This works best with kisses and foreplay. Once you learn this trick, you’ll make him wet his shorts halfway!

4 of 12 Strange Things That Can Actually Make You Horny
Here are 4 of 12 strange things that can make people horny and can be a boner trigger!


A study shows that watermelons have an amino acid called citrulline, which has a Viagra-like effect on a man. It increases the hormones level and treats erectile dysfunction, citrulline improves blood flow.

(2) Red color 

Like a bull chasing a red cape, men view women in red as more alluring than ladies wearing any other color. Somehow, your mind is programmed to interpret red as a sign of s3xual interest.

(3) Clean bed sheets

A fresh and clean sheet is more likely to arouse a man as said by a recent research. You feel more relaxed and fresh when your surroundings are clean.

(4) Smell

Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. Plus, perfume is designed to be attractive. People get turned on by the amazing smell that’s the reason we get scented candles.

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